LG Optimus G Gets Its Bootloader Unlocked

Users interested in tweaking their devices can now do so

LG Optimus G, the latest flagship Android-based smartphone from the South Korean handset vendor, has got its bootloader unlocked and ready for the installation of custom software.

According to this thread over at the XDA-Developers forum, both the AT&T and Sprint flavors of the mobile phone have been unlocked.

Furthermore, it seems that the team of enthusiasts behind the project plans on adding more device models to the list of unlocked bootloaders in the near future.

Users should know that unlocking the bootloader of their devices voids warranty, and that the phone might be harmed, should anything go wrong during the process. Customers will be the only ones held responsible if the phone is damaged.

Users who are still interested in tweaking the handset should head over to the aforementioned forum thread to read all about the unlocking process.

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