LG Nexus 4 Arrives with an Easily Replaceable Battery

Users will have to deal with a few screws to reach it

LG’s first Nexus smartphone is set to arrive on shelves with an easily replaceable battery, the latest reports on the matter unveiled.

The handset does not feature a removable battery, as last year’s Galaxy Nexus did, for example, which does not come as great news for users, since they won’t be able to carry a spare battery with them.

However, it seems that things might not be as bad as believed, and that the battery inside Nexus 4 would actually be easily replaceable.

Those who would like to get to the 2,100mAh battery inside the smartphone would simply have to deal with a few screws, without having to fully tear the device apart.

Of course, it still comes as an inconvenience when compared to how easy it would be to remove the back cover with a few simple moves, but it should do for those who really need it.

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