LG Confirms 5.5-Inch Optimus G Pro for Q1 2013

The handset will pack a quad-core processor inside

South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics was rumored recently to plan the release of a 5.5-inch smartphone running under Google’s Android operating system, and it seems that the company has already confirmed the phone.

Previously spotted online under the codename of GK, the handset is now said to be set to arrive in Q1 2013 under the name of Optimus G Pro, a recent article on Yonhap News reads.

Apparently, the company itself has confirmed this, although it did not offer specific info on when the device might arrive on shelves.

Optimus G Pro is said to feature a quad-core processor inside, in addition to the large full-HD screen on the front.

Designed as a successor for the LG Optimus G, the new handset will offer a much better experience than the current flagship from LG, while also packing upgraded hardware inside, LG reportedly said.

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