Koodo Mobile to Launch Windows Phone 8 Devices Soon

No details on the model, release date and pricing options yet

Word is that regional carrier Koodo Mobile is about to debut its first Windows Phone 8 device. Although TELUS, Koodo’s parent company, is now offering the Samsung ATIV S, we’re not sure that the latter will launch the same device.

According to MobileSyrup, employees have already started training for Windows Phone 8, but there are no additional details on the release date and pricing options.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear what Windows Phone 8 devices Koodo Mobile has in mind, or whether it will launch more than one smartphone.

It might as well offer the Samsung ATIV S, just like TELUS, or it might come out with a cheaper one, such as the HTC 8X or 8S. A Nokia smartphone at Koodo Mobile is not out of the question either, so stay tuned for more updates.

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