Kingdoms & Lords Xbox Windows Phone Game Now Available Globally

This is a medieval simulation game for Windows Phone 8 users

Kingdoms & Lords, one of the latest Xbox titles released on Windows Phone 8 devices, has been available only in select markets since its launch last week, but it is now up for grabs for all users out there, it seems.

Released as a medieval simulation game for WP8 handsets, Kingdoms & Lords allows users to build up a kingdom, cultivate crops and livestock, and train their militia. It also enables them to engage into battles with a Dark King and to conquer neighboring lands.

Players can also optimize their production system and get extra revenue, upgrade existing buildings, and unlock new ones.

At the same time, they can invest into their armies through upgrading weapons and growing their numbers to protect their kingdom, defeat rival armies, and steal their resources.

Users can download the Kingdoms & Lords game from the Windows Phone Store.

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