Key Lime Pie Name Confirmed by Google Employee

No specific info on when it will be released has emerged so far

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean might be the latest flavor of Google’s mobile operating system at the moment, but it won’t remain so for too long.

The Internet giant is said to be already working on the next platform release, although no specific info on what it might pack inside has been provided as of yet.

One thing that has been confirmed, however, is the fact that the new OS version will sport the name of Key Lime Pie, just as previous rumors on the matter had suggested.

Google’s Manu Cornet came up with an illustration to show the evolution of the Android operating system, and Key Lime Pie, which hasn’t been launched as of now, is mentioned there.

Key Lime Pie is expected to be attached to Android 5.0, but it remains to be seen when exactly Google will be ready to make it official.

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