KDDI Updates Pantech Vega PTL21 and LG Optimus G LGL21

Provides both of them with various performance improvements

Japanese mobile phone carrier KDDI has announced the availability of a new software update for two of its handsets, namely Pantech Vega PTL21 and LG Optimus G LGL21.

Both new firmware versions were made available for download on December 20, providing users with various fixes and performance improvements.

The update for Optimus G LGL21, for example, brings along a series of fixes for issues that were spotted with the receiving of emails.

The new software for Pantech Vega PTL21 brings improvements to emails, along with other enhancements to the overall user experience.

Both devices will receive their updates over-the-air, and users are advised to update as soon as possible.

Specific info on how to perform the update can be found on the carrier’s website, on this page for Optimus G and here for Pantech Vega.

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