Jolla's Sailfish SDK Demo at Slush 2012 Now Available Online

The development kit is also available for download

Yesterday, Jolla presented its Sailfish development kit at the Slush 2012 conference, and the video recording of the event is now available online for your viewing pleasure.

Based on MeeGo, Mer and Qt, the Sailfish mobile platform promises a new approach to mobile experiences and to the OS ecosystem as a whole, being unlike any other mobile operating system, as Jolla themselves put it.

The SDK itself is not that simple to acquire either, since it requires developers to build their own version of QtCreator to play with the platform, just as we explained before.

However, the Sailfish OS comes with a new, modern UI, which proposes new ways of interaction with the smartphone. You can have a glimpse at it in already available video demos.

The first handsets powered by the Sailfish OS will land next year, though some might port it to Nokia’s MeeGo devices before that.

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