Jolla’s Sailfish OS and UI Detailed in New Video

Jolla’s CEO Marc Dillon answers some questions on the new platform

Last week, Finnish startup Jolla unveiled to the world its new mobile operating system, the Sailfish platform, which is expected to arrive on devices next year.

The platform brings along a new user interface, completely new to the smartphone market, and also promises a new approach to the entire ecosystem.

We have already had the chance to take a look at the operating system, as well as at the new UI it proposes, but there still is a wide range of unknown details on what the platform will have to offer to its users in the end.

Through the video embedded above, however, you can learn a few more details on the Sailfish OS, coming straight from Jolla’s CEO Marc Dillon. The video was shot on November 21 at Slush 2012 in Helsinki.

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