“Jelly All Stars” Puzzler Arrives on Android and iOS Platforms

The game is developed by Italian studio, Ghostshark Games

Have no fear, the jellies are here! Immanitas Entertainment has just released the new Jelly All Stars puzzle game on both iOS and Android platforms.

Developed by Italian studio Ghostshark Games, the puzzler resembles old Tetris games, only it challenges players to sort falling jellies by color and mix them in order to create six different huge Jellies.

Chain up more combos for higher score. To help you with that, developers added five different special jellies that all have unique powers and applications.

For example, the shiny diamond jellies should always be used to destroy all blocks of the same color, even if they are not connected.

The free ad-supported version of Jelly All Stars is available via Google Play store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 and up. Check it out here.

The full version of the game, which removes the ads and offers unlimited game-time is available for only 0.89 EUR / 0.99 USD / 0.69 GBP from App Store and Google Play.

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