Intel Atom SoCs Packing 4G/LTE to Arrive Only Next Year

The company offers baseband modems as separate solutions

Chip maker Intel is somehow a newcomer to the mobile market, but it seems that the company won’t rush new baseband capabilities inside its Atom SoCs for several more months.

The first chipsets from the company to pack 4G/LTE connectivity are expected to land on shelves inside smartphones only sometime next year, a recent report from xbitlabs reads.

However, the company is already shipping its single-mode data 4G/LTE baseband to customers, and plans on starting the delivery of the multi-mode data and voice modems later this year.

Due to the lack of these capabilities, the company’s SoCs for the smartphone market fall behind rival solutions, which offer both time and cost effectiveness.

At the moment, Intel expects its highly-integrated Atom SoCs, which should include 4G/LTE capabilities as well, to become available in early 2014, with the first devices to include them set for an MWC 2014 launch.

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