IM+ for Android Updated with Czech Localization and Bug Fixes

New options have been included in the update as well

The folks at SHAPE offer a complete messaging solution for mobile devices with IM+. The application is available on multiple platform and supports most major instant messaging services.

Currently, IM+ supports the following services: Facebook, Skype (as in-app purchase), MSN/Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM/iChat, ICQ, RenRen, Jabber, MeinVZ, Gadu-Gadu, mig33, SINA Weibo, Fetion, Mamba.Ru, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki.Ru, Yandex IM and Mail.Ru Agent.

The latest update for IM+ added Czech localization along with some bug fixes that have yet to be detailed by developers.

Last but not least, there's a new option that allows users to to sort contacts alphabetically, as well as the option to group chats by accounts.

IM+ 6.4.6 is now available as a free download via Google Play Store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 2.1 and up. Check it out here.

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