Huawei to Launch Both Ascend W1 and W2 at CES 2013

It will be present both at the entry-level and at the high-end of the market

Huawei is expected to make its first Windows Phone 8 device official in early 2013, and it seems that enthusiasts will be in for a treat.

Initially said to have only one such smartphone ready for primetime, the company is now rumored to plan the launch of two devices powered by Microsoft’s latest mobile OS flavor in the beginning of the next year.

In addition to the long rumored Ascend W1, Huawei is said to have another Windows Phone 8 device ready for unveiling, called Ascend W2.

This should be a high-end smartphone, featuring an HD screen and an 8-megapixel camera on the back, and capable of competing with Nokia’s Lumia 920 or HTC’s Windows Phone 8X.

Ascend W1, on the other hand, is expected to prove highly popular at the entry level of the market.

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