HTC’s Growth to Slow Down in Q1 2013

The company will be impacted by new Apple and Samsung models

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation is expected to see slower growth in the first quarter of the next year when compared to previous estimates, new reports on the matter unveil.

The company initially expected a growth of 20-30 percent in the first quarter of the next year compared to this quarter, but it has lowered the expectation to 10-15 percent, DigiTimes reports.

Furthermore, it seems that the company also canceled the development of some of next year’s models, and that it has reduced the visibility of its orders for handset components.

The company did not offer an official confirmation on the matter, but rumor has it that it is up for a series of difficult quarters.

The availability of new handset models from Apple and Samsung will affect its performance, the same way the slow sales of Windows Phone 8 devices will.

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