HTC’s 2014 Roadmap Reportedly Leaks Online

A Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone should arrive in Q3

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation has been long rumored to bring to shelves some appealing new devices before the end of this year, including a so-called selfie phone, and some more info on the company’s plans on the matter appear to have emerged online.

According to a recent article on Taipei Times, the company is indeed planning the release of said device, known under the codename of HTC Eye at the moment, and it should make the move sometime in the fourth quarter of the year.

Moreover, a HTC Butterfly 2 smartphone is also said to be en route to shelves in the coming months, after receiving the necessary certification in Japan, as PhoneArena notes.

Before the end of this quarter, however, the mobile phone maker is expected to release its first handset running under the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, supposedly under the name of HTC W8.

Unfortunately, no official info on any of these phones has been provided as of now, but most of the reports on the matter converge towards the same idea, and chances are that things will pan out in the end.

Until some more info on the matter is provided, however, we should note that HTC is still struggling to regain its foothold after a series of bad quarters, and that it still hasn’t managed to do so, although the new HTC One M8 flagship has seen great popularity among enthusiasts.

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