HTC and Nokia Said to Plan Dual-SIM Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

They would have both SIM cards active at the same time

Windows Phone 8 handsets don’t have support for multiple SIM cards at the moment, but it seems that it might not be too long before devices that pack the functionality are released.

The latest reports on the matter suggest that both HTC and Nokia are looking into the development of such devices, WPDang reports.

Furthermore, rumor has it that Nokia’s dual-SIM Lumia devices will allow users to have both SIM cards active at the same time.

As WPCentral notes, these smartphones would certainly prove highly appealing to mobile phone users in countries such as China and India, provided that they are indeed under development.

No specific info on when these mobile phones might arrive on shelves has been provided as of now, but chances are that we won’t see them launched until next year.

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