HTC Won’t Bring Zoe to Windows Phones

The Windows Phone camera kernel does not allow it, it seems

HTC One, the latest flagship Android-based smartphone from the Taiwanese mobile phone maker, comes to the market with some new technologies packed inside, including one called Zoe, which is meant to enable users to snap motion pictures with the phone’s camera.

HTC One also sports an UltraPixel camera sensor which, combined with the new Zoe functionality, is meant to provide users with a much better imaging experience than before.

However, it appears that the handset vendor won’t bring the functionality to its Windows Phone lineup, at least this is what a new post on Pocket-lint suggests.

The info reportedly comes from Symon Whitehorn, HTC's camera expert, who claims that the Windows Phone camera kernel does not allow for Zoe to be ported to the platform.

“We are equally committed to the Windows platform, so we will do what we can,” Whitehorn also said.

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