HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S Get Major Price Cuts in Finland

The smartphones are now available for €415/$560 and €255/$345, respectively

Nokia’s home country Finland is rough terrain for other handset makers. This may be one of the reasons HTC decided to cut prices on some of its products.

As EsPhoneBlog points out, both HTC 8X and 8S are now a lot cheaper than before in Finland. Major retailer Gigantti is now offering the former for €415/$560 and the latter for €255/$345 outright.

Both smartphones were previously 20% more expensive than the current price, so Finnish customers had to pay €520/$705 for the HTC 8X and €320/$430 for the HTC 8S. Check them out here.

Given the fact that Lumia 920 is a very hard to come by smartphone, the HTC 8X is a pretty decent alternative, so Windows Phone fans in Finland might take it into consideration. Unfortunately, the HTC 8S will have e hard time competing against Nokia Lumia 620.

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