HTC, Verizon Lock DROID DNA’s Bootloader

Users trying to unlock it via HTCDev report unsuccessful attempts

DROID DNA by HTC, the latest Android-based smartphone to arrive in Verizon’s highly popular lineup, has just got its bootloader locked down.

Initially, the device emerged with a bootloader easily unlockable through the HTCDev portal, and some people even managed to successfully get through the process.

However, people who have tried to unlock it lately report that the option is no longer available, and that the phone’s bootloader remains locked.

This does not come too much as a surprise, in fact, since Verizon is known to be against the unlocking and tweaking of devices.

However, there is a chance that those interested in being able to play with the handset the way they want might get a “developer edition” DROID DNA from Verizon, the same as they did with Galaxy S III and other Motorola smartphones.

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