HTC Unlocks the Bootloader Inside Desire HD

The company has recently started to unlock a handful of other devices

HTC Corporation has just added the Desire HD to the list of devices that can be unlocked to run unofficial Android ROMs.

Only a few days ago, the company announced that the owners of Wildfire S, Wildfire, Salsa, Merge, and Desire could unlock their bootloaders as well. For that, they will need to access the special website the handset vendor has launched for them.

Now, the company decided that HTC Desire HD should suffer a similar fate, and has added it to the list of smartphones supported by the unlock tool.

Users who would like to load on their handsets unofficial ROMs will have to head to the HTCDev website for that.

However, before going over there to make the move, users should keep in mind that it will void warranty, and that they are to be held responsible provided that anything happens to the device.

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