HTC Surround Gets Custom Windows Phone 7.8 ROM

A fully functional build, with support for English and Dutch

Just as Nokia has confirmed recently, the Windows Phone 7.8 software update will arrive on existing Windows Phone 7.5 devices in the near future, most probably starting with February, yet it seems that the OS is already available for some people.

Those HTC Surround owners who are willing to tweak their devices to install the new platform release on them can already do that.

A custom Windows Phone 7.8 ROM is now available for download for HTC’s older WP device, and is also said to be fully unlocked.

The ROM emerged over at the XDA-Developers, and its developer notes that it is fully functional and that it comes with most bugs resolved. The custom builds also offers support for US and UK English, as well as for Dutch.

Users interested in flashing the ROM will need HSPL installed. All the necessary info can be found in the aforementioned forum thread.

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