HTC Starts Counting Down to February 19 Announcement

The company appears very excited about the upcoming HTC One (M7)

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation is gearing up for the launch of a new device on February 19, and it appears to be pretty excited about it.

The company has already posted a series of teasers online to raise awareness on the event, and has also posted a counter on its website to keep users in the loop with how long it will take before the new product is unveiled.

The company will hold two launch events at the same time, one in New York and another in London, and is expected to launch the long rumored high-end HTC One smartphone there.

Previously spotted online as the HTC M7, the handset is expected to sport a 5-inch full HD screen, quad-core processor, a new camera sensor, and other highly appealing hardware specifications, yet nothing has been officially confirmed on this for the time being.

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