HTC One X+ Coming to Australia Too (UPDATE)

The smartphone has just popped up on HTC Australia site

Unveiled yesterday, HTC One X+ has made its appearance on HTC Australia website. This can only mean one thing: the One X+ will soon reach Australian shores.

Although the Taiwanese company declined to comment on the release date of the HTC One X+, it’s certain that the phone will be released in the country and the handset maker already knows when, though it does not wish to make it official yet.

We have yet to determine if Australian customers will be able to purchase the LTE version of One X+ or the global model announced on October 2.

No word on the pricing options either, but the smartphone is now available for pre-order in the UK for no less than 395 GB (635 USD or 495 EUR) outright. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

UPDATE: It appears that HTC Australia removed the official webpage of One X+. However, this does not mean that the smartphone won't be released in the country.


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