HTC One S, Desire V Get Small Discounts in India

Now priced at 490 USD (380 EUR) and 320 USD (250 EUR), respectively

Taiwanese handset maker HTC has just introduced the Desire X in India and thought it would be a good idea to cut prices on some of its Android phones that were already available in the country.

It appears that HTC One S and Desire V are the first to “suffer” small discounts at major retailers across India. Previously available for Rs 28.699 (545 USD or 420 EUR), HTC One S can now be purchased for Rs 25.900 (490 USD or 380 EUR) outright.

HTC Desire V was launched in India for Rs 20.499 (390 USD or 300 EUR), but after the price cut customers can purchase it for Rs 16.999 (320 USD or 250 EUR) off-contract.

We suggest Android enthusiasts who wish to buy either of the two smartphones to check for the best deal, as Indian retailers do not sell the One S and Desire V for the same price.


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