HTC One (M7) Press Photo Emerges Online

The handset should become official as soon as February 19

February 19 should prove a great day for HTC enthusiasts, as the Taiwanese handset vendor might make the long-rumored HTC M7 official then as the HTC One, with the same design as seen in the photo above.

The shot, available courtesy of evleaks, is allegedly a leaked press photo of the device, showing not only the outer design that HTC would pack it with, but also offering a glimpse at the interface it might sport when released on shelves.

Nothing has been officially confirmed on this device for the time being, but most of the latest rumors have suggested that it would be launched as the HTC One, and that it would also sport a new, innovative camera sensor.

Recently, HTC has touted a new camera and audio experience for its users, and this press shot with HTC One appears to confirm that, based on the massive speaker and mic grill on the handset's front.

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