HTC M7 to Sport New Camera Sensor with Three 4.3MP Layers

It should be able to snap photos with increased level of detail, sharper colors

HTC’s upcoming M7 smartphone is rumored to arrive on shelves with a new camera sensor packed inside, one that is different from what we’re accustomed with in current devices.

According to Pocket-lint, HTC plans on packing the new device with three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers that will combine into creating a single image.

Previous reports suggested that the device would sport a 13-megapixel photo snapper, but it seems that HTC will actually choose another route here.

Called “Ultrapixel,” the sensor should provide increased level of detail in the resulting image, along with sharper colors, yet the photo won’t be 13MP in size, although the three layers would sum up to that figure.

It seems that M7 would handle image data similarly with Nokia’s PureView handsets, although it uses a different sensor structure. With no official announcement on this made as of now, we should wait for February 19 to learn specifics on the matter.

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