HTC M7’s Launch to Be Affected by Component Shortages

HTC might not be able to ship more than 500,000 units in Q1 2013

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation has been long rumored to be planning the launch of a new high-end Android smartphone this quarter, and is now expected to make it official as the “M7” on February 19.

The device, said to be an important one for the struggling smartphone maker, might face some component supply issues, analysts believe.

According to Citigroup analyst Kevin Chang, cited by focustaiwan, the device could be affected by a “low yield rate of some components such as metal casings and antennas.”

Due to this, shipments of the device might not go beyond the 500,000 units mark during the first quarter of the year, although they were expected to be of around 3 million.

With M7 expected to arrive on shelves as a new flagship smartphone from HTC, enthusiasts will certainly keep their fingers crossed for these analysts to be wrong.

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