HTC Locations App Update Adds Offline Navigation to HTC Windows Phone Devices

The application is available in the HTC Section of Marketplace

Following Nokia Drive’s latest update that brings offline navigation to Lumia devices, HTC decided to make the feature available on its Windows Phone handsets as well.

Although the application is available for quite some time, HTC Locations only offered a handful of downloadable maps, and those were only compatible with some Android devices.

However, the folks at Engadget have just been tipped on a major update of the Windows Phone version of HTC Locations. It appears that HTC Titan users have already been able to pull the update, which seems to add the so-much-needed offline navigation feature.

The latest version of HTC Locations app for Windows Phone allows users to download maps for later offline viewing. The software is now available for download in the HTC section of Marketplace.

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