HTC 8X Receiving New Firmware Update 20003 Now

The update is pushed OTA (over the air) to unlocked handsets

It’s only been a few days since Microsoft pushed the first major update for Windows Phone 8 and the HTC 8X is now getting a new firmware update.

Although there are no details on the changes for the moment, the folks over at WPCentral report the new firmware is 20003, updated from 10022.

New firmware updates following important software upgrade are pretty common, though it would have been nice if HTC and Microsoft issued a changelog as well.

So far, the new firmware update 20003 is only available to unlocked HTC 8X devices, but carrier-bounded units are likely to get it soon as well.

We suspect it contains some minor fixes and tweaks, and possibly new features that were skipped in the latest update. Stay tuned for more info on the matter.

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