Gray Lumia 920 Arrives in Russia in February with WP8 Portico

The handset is available in the country in white, yellow, red and black at the moment

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is reportedly getting ready to bring a new flavor of its Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone to the market in Russia as soon as next month.

We’re referring to the Gray variant of the device, which was spotted online a few times before as headed to Russia, and which has landed on shelves in Hong Kong last week.

According to a recent post on, Nokia themselves have already confirmed the upcoming availability of this new Lumia 920 color in the country, though no specific release date has been provided as of now.

As WMPoweruser notes, the handset vendor has also reportedly confirmed that the Gray Lumia 920 will be launched on shelves with Windows Phone 8 Portico loaded on top right from the start.

The smartphone is currently available in this country in White, Yellow, Red and Black.

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