Google and ASUS Reportedly Prep 3G Version of Nexus 7

The new device flavor could be unveiled in mid-October

Internet giant Google and its manufacturing partner ASUS are reportedly gearing up for the release of a 3G flavor of the Nexus 7 tablet PC.

Rumor has it that the new device version could make an official debut in six weeks or so, and that it would be priced higher than the currently available 8GB WiFi flavor of the phone.

It’s yet uncertain whether the tablet PC would also include support for LTE connectivity, and specific info on release date and pricing lack as well.

The 8GB Wi-Fi-only Nexus 7 model goes for $199 at the moment, but the 3G-powered version might be priced close to this, especially if sold on contract.

With no official confirmation on the matter available for the time being, we should wait for a formal announcement from Google and ASUS sometime in mid-October to learn more on the new device.

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