Google and ASUS Reportedly Prep 1080p Nexus 7 Model

The device will feature various hardware improvements

Mountain View-based Internet giant Google is reportedly gearing up for the launch of a new generation Nexus 7 tablet PC, one that would sport better hardware when compared to the current model.

According to a recent article on DigiTimes, sources from the upstream supply chain claim that the new slate version will arrive on shelves with the same price tag as the existing generation.

However, it seems that Google and ASUS will boost the device’s resolution to 1080p, which should provide a much better experience to all users.

Some other changes will also be visible, including a thinner display border, along with an enhanced software – hardware integration.

Provided that the rumors pan out, the new Nexus 7 would prove highly appealing at US$199-249, especially when compared to the higher-priced Apple iPad.

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