Google Teases Photo Sphere in New Nexus 4 Video Ad

It allows users to immortalize more of their precious moments

Mountain View-based Internet giant Google has released a new video commercial for its Android 4.2-based Nexus 4 smartphone, providing users with a better look at what the device’s Photo Sphere feature is all about.

With this capability inside, the new Google phone can provide users with the possibility to take 360-degree shots of their surroundings, including their house.

As can be seen in the video embedded above, the feature should work great when it comes to capturing a special family moment.

“The Cheri family takes a photo sphere with Nexus 4. Share your photo spheres this holiday season on Google+,” the video’s description reads.

While users might not be able to create perfect photos as the one in the video, they will certainly get close to that, as Photo Sphere is one of the most appealing capabilities that Android 4.2 Jelly Bean was launched with.

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