Google Starts Shipping Nexus 4 Devices to Australian Users

The first units will be delivered to users starting tomorrow

Google’s new Nexus smartphone, the LG-made Nexus 4, was sold out in Australia in only several minutes after the official sales had kicked off, and it seems that those who had the chance to order it will be receiving it soon.

According to Ausdroid, Google has already sent out shipping details to those who ordered the 16GB flavor of Nexus 4. Most probably, the 8GB flavor of the handset has started shipping to customers as well.

The first units are expected to land in users’ hands on November 15, starting with 5PM, yet no additional details beyond the tracking info has been provided.

However, it seems that those who ordered a Nexus 10 might still have a bit to wait before their units start shipping, as no details on the matter have been sent out to users as of now.

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