Google Replaces Faulty Nexus 5 Units with Slightly Modified Model

The new version reportedly features larger microphone and speaker holes

Nexus 5, the latest Google phone out there, has been plagued by various small issues since its official landing at the end of October, and many users have already sent it for repairs, only to be returned a new, slightly modified version of the device instead.

Some users reportedly received the new handset variant, which shows a series of minor design changes when compared to the original model, this thread on the XDA-Developers forum unveils.

Apparently, the new model fixes a series of issues such as dancers and noisy buttonsand SIM tray protruding, and features larger microphone and speaker holes.

Some other changes were also spotted on the new variant, provided that it is indeed a new Nexus 5 model that Google and LG decided to start pushing out. Drop us a line in the comments section to let us know whether your Nexus 5 sports any of the above.

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