Google Removes Nexus 4 Factory Images from Servers

It might be preparing a new software update for the device

Internet giant Google has removed Nexus 4 factory images from its portal and from its servers, without offering an official explanation for this.

The handset was updated to Android 4.2.1 recently, and the stock firmware images available through Google provided users with the possibility to reset it should anything happen when tweaking it or installing various software.

Numerous users reported a series of issues with the new OS flavor, including battery drains and lack of Bluetooth connectivity on Nexus 4, and the fact that said images are no longer available might be related to this.

Furthermore, this could also suggest that Google is working on delivering a new OS upgrade to the owners of this device, though this is merely speculation for the time being.

One way or the other, it seems that said factory images were completely removed from servers, since previous links won’t work.

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