Google Releases Nexus 7 (2013) Factory Images and Binaries

Enthusiasts can now start cooking custom ROMs for the device

Internet giant Google has finally made available the factory images and binaries for the new Nexus 7 tablet PC, so that all those interested in them could have a look.

The availability of these files enables enthusiasts to come up with custom ROMs for the device (courtesy of said binaries), or to restore it to its original state (by installing the factory images).

The available packages also include drivers for audio and sensors from ASUS, graphics and other chips from Qualcomm, and NFC from Broadcom.

The second-generation Nexus 7 slate was released with product name “razor” attached, and with the device name "flo," Engadget notes.

Google was a bit late with the release of the factory images and binaries for the tablet PC, and things got a bit out of hand, it seems, especially with Jean-Baptiste Quéru, the Android Open Source Project maintainer, announcing that he is quitting AOSP.

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