Google Releases Chrome 33 for Android

This release contains stability and performance improvements

After several updates for the beta version of Chrome, Google has released a new stable version of the Android browser. The search giant has just announced that Chrome 33 will be available for download in Google Play over the next few days.

Chrome 33.0.1750.132, to be more precise, brings some stability and performance improvements, but does not add any new features. That’s a bit disappointing for a stable release, but improvements are always a welcome addition to an Android application such as Chrome.

Among the most important tweaks and enhancements included in this update, Google has mentioned the addition of a download progress notification for file download using the Chrome network stack.

Furthermore, the help and feedback user interface (UI) has been updated, but no additional details have been offered. Last but not least, support for <datalist> tag has been included as well.

Obviously, these are not the only changes included in Chrome 33, but those who want to know more about the smaller improvements and bug fixes available in this build may want to check out Google’s SVN revision log.

Given the fact that this is a staged update, it may take a while until the new version appears in the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that you can download Chrome for Android 33 for free via Softpedia.

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