Google Preps Press Event for September 15 in India, Android One Expected

The company might finally announce the first Android One devices

Android One, Google’s initiative aimed at bringing the Internet to billions of people, might finally make an official debut on September 15, during a press event that Google has announced for India.

The initiative is said to materialize into devices that are much cheaper than the current Android smartphones, which will be destined mainly for emerging markets around the world, including India.

Google has revealed the Android One initiative earlier this year, yet no specific details on the devices that will be launched as part of it have been provided as of now.

However, it appears that September 15 might finally shed some light on the matter, although Google hasn’t officially confirmed that the aforementioned event will be focused on Android One.

Handsets included in the project are expected to arrive from local mobile phone makers such as Karbonn, Micromax, Spice, Xolo, and the like.

These companies already have strong Android portfolios, yet it appears that Google wants to make sure that its mobile OS will completely dominate the entry level of the market.

For the time being, all that is known on the aforementioned September 15 event is that Google will make a new announcement there. As notes, the company has revealed that some more details on this will become available closer to said date.

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