Google Now for Android Gets Call Reminder Feature

The app will also link the reminder with a phone number where possible

Mountain View-based Internet giant Google appears set to make its Android operating system as appealing as possible, and the company has just made some improvements to Google Now in order to ensure that this indeed happens.

Owners of Android handsets with Google Now loaded on them will now see that the feature comes with support for call reminders.

Such reminders can be set very easy, since users will only need to say "OK Google, remind me to call this.” The best part of the deal, however, is that Google Now is also capable of associating such queries with phone numbers, where possible.

As Android Police explains, when setting a call reminder with a the command linked to a business, Google Now will automatically integrate the call button via Google Maps, and will display it as shown in the screenshots above.

That call button will provide users with a list of retail locations nearby that they can call, and all they need to do is to choose the one that interests them.

Google Now will also provide users with location and contact information for the specific business they might want to call. Overall, it looks like a great addition to the application and might easily prove highly useful for a lot of people out there.

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