Google Is Happy with Acer, ASUS Launching Cheap 7’’ Android Tablets

The company hopes that these devices will boost Android's market share

Google is happy with Acer and ASUS planning the launch of new, cheap 7-inch tablet PCs running under its Android operating system, the latest reports on the matter suggest.

Apparently, the company is confident that these devices will help it gain more market share in the tablet PC area, even if they will compete directly with its Nexus 7 slate.

Both Acer and ASUS were recently rumored to plan the launch of 7-inch tablet PCs that would run under Android and which would be priced at around US $149 (€112).

Acer is expected to launch a tablet packed with MediaTek processor, set to be initially made available in Asian and South American markets.

As for ASUS, the company is said to plan the release of a 7-inch tablet packing a VIA processor in Taiwan, China, India and South America, aiming at selling over five million units by the end of this year.

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