Google Hangouts for Android Now Shows Who’s Reachable

Users will see a green icon next to contacts who are on Hangouts

An updated iteration of the Google Hangouts, version 1.2, is now available for download for the owners of Android-based devices, featuring some appealing enhancements inside.

Starting with the new app flavor, users can finally see who’s on Hangouts, Google explains. When starting a new Hangout, a green icon will appear next to contacts who are online, and a grey one next to those who are not.

Furthermore, starting with the new release, contacts are organized by people the users usually hangout with, as well as in categories such as Suggested People and Other Contacts.

The updated application will also enable users to hide contacts in the New Hangout screen through long pressing on them.

Additionally, they will be able to find invitations easier, as they will be shown above conversations, and will also enjoy pinch-to-zoom capabilities when it comes to photos.

Google Hangouts for Android is now available through the Google Play Store.

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