Google Getting Ready for a Cheaper Nexus 7 in Q1 2013

The new tablet model might cost only $99 to manufacture

Internet giant Google is expected to bring to the market a new flavor of its Nexus 7 tablet PC in the beginning of the next year, some of the latest reports on the matter suggest.

According to DigiTimes, the company has already asked China-based touchscreen maker O-Film Tech to deliver parts for the device, which will help significantly reduce production costs.

Thus, ASUS and Google might be capable of bringing the new device to shelves in the beginning of the next year, although no specific details on the matter have been confirmed so far.

The new model is expected to cost around $99 (€75) to be produced, while also being thinner than the original. The slate is also said to sport a market cost of less than $149 (€112).

Moreover, the new tablet PC flavor is expected to arrive on shelves in emerging markets. ASUS might be able to ship around half a million units at that time.

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