Google Doesn’t See the X Phone Innovative Anymore, Analyst Claims

Motorola said to be bringing these handsets to shelves on its own

Google and Motorola have been long rumored to plan the release of new devices running under the Android platform in the not too distant future, and to have included them in the X Phone project, but it seems that the Mountain View-based giant might no longer see these devices as innovative.

Sun Chang Xu, a Chinese analyst, claims that Google has decided to send the project back to Motorola, as it was no longer interested in the matter, GSMInsider reports.

The X Phone was said to include a series of appealing new devices from Motorola, the first to have been developed under Google’s supervision, but it seems that things might turn differently in the end.

However, this doesn’t mean that the launch of X Phone smartphones has been canceled. As a post on androidguys notes, Motorola will be bringing these devices to shelves on its own.

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