Google Authenticator for Android Updated with UI Improvements

The latest update brings some bug fixes in account setup flow as well

Google Authenticator is one of the several Android applications updated by the search giant today. The application that provides 2-step verifications for users’ accounts has been improved with a few bug fixes.

According to Google, the latest version of the application features various UI improvements as well. Several bug fixes in account setup flow are another addition brought by this update.

Keep in mind that, with 2-step verification, users signing in will be required to fill in a code generated by the Google Authenticator app in addition to the account password.

Luckily, the Google Authenticator can generate codes even in airplane mode and supports multiple accounts and languages.

Google Authenticator 2.35 is now available as a free download via Google Play store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 2.1 and up. Check it out here.

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