Google Allows Only Two Nexus 4 Purchases per User

One can buy only two units of the different versions of the device

Android enthusiasts interested in the purchase of a Nexus 4 smartphone should know that they are allowed to acquire only two units on the same account.

Apparently, any user who has already purchased two Nexus 4 devices has been cut off from making another similar acquisition through the Google Play Store, phandroid notes.

In a way, this does make sense, as Google is certainly trying to limit the cases where users purchase the device through its official portal and then resell it at higher prices.

Furthermore, the Nexus 4 stock has been tight, and this limitation ensures that more people receive access to the device straight from Google’s storefront.

However, it seems that you can still purchase a different flavor of the device than the originally acquired one (the phone was released in 8GB and 16GB variants).

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