Global RAZR HD and RAZR i Get Unlocked Bootloaders

Both are now listed on Motorola’s website as eligible for unlocking

A while ago, Motorola promised more bootloader unlocking capabilities for its users, and the company appears keen on ensuring that users indeed benefit from such functionality.

Thus, the company has added two more devices to the list of handsets that can be unlocked, should users decided they want to do so.

We’re referring here to the Motorola RAZR HD and RAZR i for the international market, both of them now listed on the company’s website as being eligible for unlocking.

Unfortunately, the DROID RAZR HD aimed for Verizon in the US is not included, this being the carrier’s decision on the matter. Of course, users can still go for a developer edition of the phone (RAZR M has such a flavor available as well), though they will have to pay the full handset price in this case.

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