Galaxy S4’s Wireless Charging Covers Available Online at Verizon

Available in Black and White flavors, they cost $39.99 (€30)

Owners of Samsung’s Android-based flagship Galaxy S4 on the network of Verizon can now head over to the carrier’s website to purchase wireless charging covers for their devices.

The accessories were made available through Verizon’s brick and mortar stores across the country about a week ago, droid-life notes, but the company decided to start selling them online too only recently.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 wireless charging cover can be seen on this page on Verizon’s website, featuring a price tag of $39.99 (€30), in Black and White flavors.

In order to wirelessly charge the Android-based smartphone, users will also need a Qi-enabled Charging Pad, which is not included in the package. For those out of the loop, we should note that compatible charging pads usually feature a price tag starting at $40 (€30).

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