Galaxy S IV to Include SwiftKey's Predictive Technology [WSJ]

The SwiftKey input application might be included in this device for free

Today, South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung is set to make its next Android-based flagship smartphone official in New York, and it seems that it might have some surprises in store for its users.

The handset, supposedly dubbed Galaxy S IV, is said to land on shelves right from the start with SwiftKey's predictive technology packed inside, a feature that could make it even more appealing to users, a recent article on The Wall Street Journal reads.

Apparently, the sophisticated technology behind the prediction capabilities of SwiftKey could prove a selling point for the high-end smartphone, at least when compared to rival devices such as the Apple iPhone.

SwiftKey is available for other Android devices as well, through the Google Play Store, but it is a paid application. Galaxy S IV purchasers might be able to enjoy its capabilities for free.

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