Galaxy S IV to Allow for Wireless Charging from a Distance

The wireless charging feature might not be bundled with the device

Samsung’s next flagship Android-based smartphone, supposedly called Galaxy S IV, is expected to land on shelves with wireless charging capabilities packed inside, but might also have a few treats up its sleeve for adopters.

According to a recent report coming from DDaily, Samsung will pack the future device with support for the Qi standard, and will also provide users with a special module for that, but it will sell it separately.

Furthermore, it seems that the wireless charging technology might not be a standard in all Galaxy S IV models, though confirmation on this has yet to emerge.

However, rumor has it that the company is also considering an alternate solution, called resonant magnetic coupling, which could allow users to charge the device from up to 2 meters, without having to place it on the charger, as is required for current handsets.

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